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September 12, 2010

Washington County Citizens United, Endorses Dave Wallace for House of Delegates, District 5A

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This was a very difficult, but fairly easy decision for me.  For those of you in District 5A, my endorsement for this candidate may surprise you, but my endorsement is not just about friendship, but it’s about working with this man for the Last 5 years.  Justin Ready is a good young candidate, but experienced in Maryland GOP, he is not just there yet, but his time will come.  But there is one man who puts Convictions, Principles, Integrity and Honesty, Friendship and Family above all, and he is a staunch Tea Party Conservative, Dave Wallace the 2nd.  He has been there for me not only as a friend and colleague, but there for my during my struggles.

Dave and I have a very deep rooted friendship and if he was running out here in Washington County, I would have devoted my time to running his campaign, in fact, at one point he had asked me if I would be willing to.  Unfortunately, with my life having some many things going on at the time, and my assistance to Delegate Shank and others, it made it very difficult for me to make that decision on such short notice.  This does not take away for how hard Justin has run his campaign, in fact, Justin has run a very strong campaign and my believe is these two will finish 1 and 2 in the primary.  Everyone knows Dave, from his talk show, to his Tea Party Movement, to his involvement with People.  There is not a more passionate man about his love for Maryland and his desire to fix the status quo problems in Annapolis and trust me, he would hold them accountable.

All that being said, if Dave were not running for House of Delegates in 5A, my endorsement would have been given to Justin Ready, outside of Dave Wallace, he is the only other clear and viable choice for this seat.  What concerns me with Justin is his ties to Ehrlich, a Moderate Republican.  Is Justin just another Moderate to fill in, in Annapolis, or will he hold all the values and principles of being a Conservative true to the vest?  Either way, you can’t lose with either candidate, but in my mind, Dave’s experience in Politics and knowing the issues, plus being a Supporter of Jim Rutledge who I have endorsed, certainly makes him the MOST viable candidate.  Good Luck Dave and hope to see you in Annapolis.



September 11, 2010

Cecil Calvert, Director Of Washington County Citizens United, Makes the Following Endorsement for U.S. Senate

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In the Race for United States Senate, Washington County Citizens United, A Grassroots, Constitutional Supporting organization puts it’s backing behind Republican Candidate Jim Rutledge for U.S. Senate.  It goes without saying the Jim Rutledge has run a very strong campaign, even fighting off the MDGOP’ers supporting Eric Wargotz and proving that Eric Wargotz is not the People’s Choice, but he is only the Party Choice.  Well MDGOP, you are not the People, you are an organization bound by neutrality and you abused that neutrality by pushing Rule 11 down everyone’s throat.  If a Libertarian were to have a voice in Maryland, the MDGOP as we know it would no longer exist in the manner is has become today.  It is with great honor and pleasure that I endorse Jim Rutledge to represent me, in Washington DC as my next Senator.  Barbara Mikulski has become a career politician selling out her tiny soul to support a Marxist President, Obama, who is not even a natural born U.S. Citizen and should be forced to resign his position.  Barbara Mikulski supports Casa De Maryland with our Tax Dollars, Jim Rutledge will make sure that Casa De Maryland does not receive the federal funding for its illegal alien criminal operation.  Jim Rutledge will uphold the laws of the Constitution for which both Mikulski and Pelosi, Hoyer, Cummings, Van Hollen and Edwards, Ruppersberger and Ben Cardin break.  It goes without saying that all of those that I have listed above have become corrupt, belligerent and unconcerned while being centered on their own political careers.  They have taxed us, taken our freedoms, our liberties and our pride away.  Jim is a man of honor and conviction and will not sell out his vote to support the Socialist Agenda in Washington D.C.  Jim Rutledge is a man born and bred through the Constitution and a firm believer in the People Come First Mentality.

Eric Wargotz is nothing more than a Barbara Mikulski running on the GOP Side, he has run a very shady campaign, false endorsements, cozied up to the MDGOP, using their Head Quarters to phone bank, all the while MDGOP Chair’s son works his campaign.  Strange thing, wasn’t he a Democrat too?  Oh that’s right, Eric The Rino was a Democrat, sending thousands upon thousands of dollars in campaign donations to Democratic Candidates, such as Reshern Baker, KKT and others.  I don’t trust Eric Wargotz with my vote and should he gain the seat in the DC, he will become another Turncoat like Scott Brown.  Out of the mouth, his own words, he was surprised and dismayed that Obama did not include Illegal Aliens in the Healthcare bill and if Wargotz truly was against Illegal Immigration, he would have come to our Rallies, our Tea Party, but no, he found time to hit all the Lincoln Reagan dinners to try to make a name for himself.  Unable to debate the facts, Jim Rutledge proved that Eric Wargotz is not capable of working in the U.S. Senate, only one man in this race is, Candidate Jim Rutledge, The People’s Candidate.

Normally I would say, should someone who I want to win-lose, I will always tow the party line, but in this case, should Eric Wargotz win the Primary against Jim Rutledge, I will not be voting for him in the General Election and will break GOP Ranks and write in Jim Rutledge anyways.  Afterall, he is the only true and honest politician running for this seat.  Good Luck Jim, you have the full support of all the Grassroot Organizations, and you have mine.

From Robert Coblentz:

A very successful sign waiving event was held today from 8am to 2:30pm at Boonsboro Days in Boonsboro, MD.  Boonsboro Days is a yearly event since 1971 that attracts ~5,000+ people.  Thanks to all that assisted to waive Rutledge signs.

Also, HUGE sign waiving party on Monday, September 13th has been planned.  This is the final push!  The location is the Application Trail Bride over Route 70.  Teams for other candidates will be there as well, such as the team for Brian Murphy.  Sign waiving starts at 6:30am and will run to 8am.  Can’t make the AM session?  A PM session will run from 3:30pm to 5pm.  We’d love for you to be able to attend.  If you are unable to attend, please feel encourage to arrange a local sign waiving event.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Lastly, if you can support planting a sign at your polling place early Tuesday morning and picking it once the polls close, please let me know.  The polls open at 7am and close at 8am.

Thank you.

Our Time is NOW!  Live Free!


May 26, 2010

Washington County Citizens United begins to take Shape.

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Dear Fellow Citizens of Washington County, the time is getting closer for me to launch our new and exciting Blog.  It’s time to start outlining our Counties future with expose'(s) on our County Delegates, County Commissioner’s, Senators, US Senate Campaigns, Sheriff of Washington County, Washington County Chamber of Commerce and so on.  While I work very hard on my other blog and duties to the people of Maryland, this site will be dedicated to the people of Washington County.  Our focus will be to grow and expand the future of our great County.  This blog will give you a voice, an opinion, and a objective views from the People.  I will encourage you to email, contribute, and focus on Communtiy Activism and strengthening the bond of we the People.  I do this in part, because we live in one the most beautiful regions in the state with a very deep and rooted history, from the Civil War, to our National Monuments and Parks, to our growing towns and cities. 

I will not be able to do this alone and I am asking for volunteers who would like to share in this new experience.  I am the only “Official Blogger” in Washington County, and I implore all races, religions, political affiliations to feel free to remitt anything with in the boundry’s of common sense, to post here at will.  Just let me know. 

If you wish to contact me about working with my group and taking a vital role in improving our communities with activism, community service, out reach programs, assisting those in need, please contact us at the following Email address.


I look forward to working with everyone to increase our role’s in the community and to support those in need and to provide up to date information regarding this years elections, grassroots organizing, Tea Party Gatherings, Club Meetings and so on.  As of now, I have not set up any meeting time and places as my time has been devoted to my other blog, which is hard hitting and straight shooting.  This blog is not going to be this way, however, if Candidates for State Seats and County Seats would like to promote their events, they can just email in. 

January 29, 2010

Washington County Citizens United – The Future Begins Now

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A new blog dedicated to the communities of Washington County, Advocacy, Community Outlet and Activism.

This is a new group that I am starting and that I hope to get registered for a Non Profit Status somewhere down the road.

Our focus will be on assisting and advocating for the communities, politics, and general items. We will also focus on getting involved, doing things that ordinary citizens of our great county should be doing to hold our elected officials accountable to the good, the bad and sometimes, just off your rocker material.

We will focus on Illegal Immigration in our County and around the state.  Affiliating ourselves with other groups with the same purpose, and above all, we will fulfill the expectations placed upon us as proud Citizens of Maryland, our County and the United States of America.

Hello world!

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